Call Centre Terms

These are additional terms applicable to the provision of certain ticketing call centre services to the person specified in the Line-Up Terms of Service as the “Organiser” by Planvine Ltd (“Line-Up”). These terms and conditions are in addition to (and do not replace) the Line-Up Terms of Service. Words and expressions defined in the Terms of Service have the same meaning where used in these Call Centre Terms.

  1. Definitions

    In these terms, the following words shall have the following meanings:

    Organiser Identity Policymeans the manner in which the Events and the Organiser are to be referred to, as recorded in any agreed protocols and scripts for answering calls from Attendees or prospective Attendees;
    Facilitiesmeans the call centre facility from time to time provided to the Organiser by Line-Up for the performance of the Services and for the benefit of the Organiser, the Attendees and their customers;
    Servicesmeans answering the telephone to Attendees and Prospective Attendees in respect of queries regarding Tickets and Events, and taking bookings for Tickets;
    Service Standardsmeans any service standards or requirements agreed by the parties in writing in respect of the Services;
    Territorymeans Line-Up’s area of responsibility for the servicing of the Goods described in the Line-Up Service Description.
  2. Appointment
    1. The Organiser appoints Line-Up to provide the Facilities on a non-exclusive basis and Line-Up accepts such appointment on these terms for the term of the Agreement.
    2. Line-Up will perform the Services with reasonable skill and diligence.
  3. Facilities and Services
    1. Line-Up will maintain a telephone line for the non-exclusive use of the Services and ensure that it is serviced in accordance with the Service Standards and that it is properly staffed during Line-Up’s normal business hours on business days Monday-Friday in the UK.
    2. Line-Up shall in its provision of the Services abide the Organiser Identity Policy.
    3. Line-Up will use all reasonable endeavours to meet the Service Standards.
    4. The Organiser will provide to Line-Up a copy of the booking terms and policies applicable to each Event, and full details of all Events including transport links and address of the relevant location.
    5. Line-Up may record calls for the purposes of quality, transparency and fraud prevention, and shall make any such call recordings available to the Organiser on request at any time during the Agreement. The Organiser shall ensure that it has obtained the consent of the Attendees in order for Line-Up to make such recordings, for example through a tick box on its site or specific wording in the Organiser Identity Policy.
  4. Charges

    The charges for the Services are those from time to time agreed between the parties in writing, exclusive of VAT.