Third Party Sub-Processors - Line-Up as a Data Processor

As part of providing our services we may use the following data sub-processors:

Entity NamePurposeApplicable Service
AlgoliaAlgolia, Inc (Algolia) are providers of search indexing software which enable elements of our web dashboard.Search
AWSAmazon Web Services, Inc (AWS) are providers of our web servers and associated infrastructure.Web Servers
DropboxDropbox, Inc (Dropbox) are providers of cloud-based file storage.Customer Service
Elastic CloudElasticsearch BV (Elastic Cloud) are providers of database search software.Dashboard
eReceptionistJ2 Global, Inc (eReceptionist) are providers of our business phone system.Customer Support
GitHubGitHub, Inc (GitHub) are providers of web-based hosting for version control using git.Dashboard
Google AnalyticsGoogle, Inc (Google Analytics) are providers of our website analytics software.Analytics
G SuiteGoogle, LLC (G Suite) provide email clients and calendars as well as cloud-based software for document collaboration online.Customer Support
Keen.ioKeen Labs, Inc ( provide a data visualisation API.Dashboard
LogRocketLogRocket, Inc (LogRocket) are providers of error logging software.Error Logging
New RelicNew Relic, Inc (New Relic) are providers of our web infrastructure performance monitoring.Server monitoring
PCA PredictGB Group PLC (PCA Predict) provide address validationVenue creation
PostmanPostdot Technologies, Inc (Postman) software.provide our API Development environment.API
PusherPusher Ltd (Pusher) provides an API to create communication features in web and mobile apps.Dashboard BPVA ( is a provider of an API to enable reserved seating as part of ticket purchase.Reserved Seating
SendGridSendGrid, Inc (SendGrid) is a cloud-based SMTP provider - enabling delivery of transactional and marketing emails.Emails
SlackSlack Technologies, Inc (Slack) provides messaging services.Customer Service
SentryFunctional Software, Inc (Sentry) provides server error tracking.Server Errors
StripeStripe, Inc (Stripe) are the payment services provider integrated with Line-Up.Subscription Payments
XeroXero, Inc (Xero) are providers of accounting software.Subscription Payments and Invoicing
ZendeskZendesk, Inc (Zendesk) are the providers of our customer suppport tools and our Help Centre.Customer Support and Help Centre